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I will find brand name, product name, domain or slogan

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William Shakespeare’s reference to a rose by any other name reminding us that names have no real power over the substance of things applies to business and branding as well. However, it should be noted that the Bard had no understanding of the complexities of modern business and marketing.

Crafting the perfect name for your brand is a delicate process that requires an artistic eye combined with technical research. One wrong move and you could be in Adidas’s shoes – pun intended! It’s amazing how much power can be harnessed in just one word; when done right, it has the potential to drive strategic success, making the effort even more worth it.

Brand naming criteria.

  • Appearance – The name of your brand can make a huge impact visually in a logo or an advertisement. It needs to stand out and represent the values of your company in the most effective way possible.
  • Distinctiveness –Does it stand out from other similar services/products in the market?
  • Depth – Does the message have a deeper level of intention and association?
  • Energy –Is it full of life? Does it have the potential to support an advertising campaign?
  • Humanness – To feel a sense of humanity, as opposed to solutions that are purely technical.
  • Positioning – Does it hold relevance to the service or industry that is being catered to?
  • Sound – People will be talking about it on TV, radio and in everyday conversations.

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